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Soy and beeswax and organic Cannabidoil. Relaxation essential oils and New Spring Scents,  fill the room with goodness. Varieties of bases,  all are filled with 8 ounce candles.   will give you a 40 Hour Burn. Once its empty put wax in a wax burner and enjoy your handmade pottery.





Soy and Beeswax formulated with Organic Hemp oil for the Relaxing calming effects. SPRING SCENTED LIMITED quantities.   These new candles are a HOT new item, they will infuse potentially healing properties and lasting health benefits along with their natural aromas.

Infused with a Purified Cannabidoil ( CBD) oil and Relaxation essential oils, enjoy the Fragrance and benefits. Once the candle is empty, enjoy the handmade pottery.

Each candle is handmade, no two are alike, they are in larger shallow vases and shorter taller vases.   Size is 8 ounce, burn time is 40 hours.

you can choose from Pinks, Blues or Naturals, I will get you the best selection I have.

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Pink, Blue, Natural, wax Melts